Mr. Asashi Shimodaira

Managing Director

Located in Singapore, our view is global and strategic.

We are missioned to contribute to Panasonic’s global R&D, and technologically capable and competent to forge Panasonic’s growth.

Researching and developing business-oriented technologies remains our prime focus as our customers’ success is our business.

Ms. Shen Sheng Mei

Assistant Director
Core Technology Group

We have an amazing core technology portfolio including Image Recognition, 3D technology, and world’s top-level competition awards. We move at a fast speed with high efficiency, and respond, with a sense of urgency, to the dynamic, fast changes of the world.

We are innovating tomorrow’s technologies. Deep Learning is our focus.

Mr. Tan Pek Yew

Assistant Director
System Technology Group

In line with future trends, we are developing key technologies for 5G mobile networks and industrial Internet of Things.

And to enhance our customer value, we continue to have a strong presence in international and regional standardization activities.

Mr. Jimmy Lim

Team Leader, IP Group

We provide a wide range of IP and Business consultancy services all geared towards serving our internal and external clients better.

Our driving force is built upon a simple vision of realizing value for our clients, helping them operate efficiently and profitably.