Object recognition using sound/light/radio waves technologies

Object Detection / Obstacle Avoidance

Short-long distance object/obstacle recognition beyond human visual perception

Sonar Sensing

  • High accuracy in obstacle detection using ultrasonic sensors

  • Auto-parking, autonomous truck

Camera + Sonar Object Recognition

  • Capitalizing on sensors for camera-based object recognition and sonar-based distance recognition

Millimeter Radar Sensing (79GHz)

  • Sensing and detecting an approaching 100m order long-distance, fast-moving object with mmW radar at night or on rainy days

  • Approaching vehicle detection at intersections

Vehicle Pose Estimation

Self-localization technology


(Visual Odometry + Map-matching)

  • (Vehicle) using VO to estimate its pose, and map-matching to improve the VO result with 20cm accuracy on average

  • autonomous vehicles

SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)

  • (Vehicle) using a mounted camera to create a map of the surroundings while at the same time localizing itself within the map it created