A world of ultra HD audio and video for highly immersive experiences with cutting-edge technologies

(next-generation codec)

Next-gen immersive VR-and AR-based standardization

Ultra HD Audio(MPEG-H 3D-Audio)

  • Multi-channel rendering for Virtual Reality (VR): immersive and interactive 3D audio targeting the 22.2-channel standard

  • <Application> 8K Super Hi-Vision

Ultra HD Video (Next-gen Video Coding)

  • Panasonic’s next-generation video coding technology outperforms H.265 by employing a relatively more advanced motion prediction model to represent, compress and transmit complex motion scenes

Highly Immersive Audio

Creating an immersive, sensory, acoustic space

Spatial Audio

  • Developing wave field synthesis (WFS) technology for speaker arrays to generate immersive 3D audio sensation

    • WFS (Wave Field Synthesis)
      Speaker arrays
      3D Audio

Audio Augmented Reality (Audio AR)

  • Utilizing WFS to generate realistically focused sound source in front of speaker arrays so as to make AR contents more realistic


3D reconstruction from the captured 2D images to render an immersive, viewing experience beyond compare

3D Reconstruction & Rendering

Achieving a free view-point video through 3D reconstruction & rendering from the images using multiple cameras

Multi Camera Video Processing

  • 3D reconstruction from the images using multiple cameras

Free View-Point Video

  • Free view-point video generation of any view using 3D rendering

Video Processing Infrastructure
(3D Video + Image Processing)

  • 3D dimensioning from the depth/distance of an object

    • Stereo Depth Generation
      ToF Depth camera processing
      Structure from Motion (SFM)
      Multi-View 3D Reconstruction, and others

  • Achieving HD images using techniques such as Motion De-blurring, Flicker Reduction, High Dynamic Range Imaging, etc.