5G: Next-Gen Cellular, Wi-Fi®, and 60GHz Technologies


Contributing to Next-Gen Mobile Communication Standards

Next-Gen Wi-Fi (802.11ax)

  • Developing essential WLAN techniques in PHY and MAC areas to contribute to IEEE802.11ax standards

Next-Gen 60GHz (Next-Gen WiGig®)

  • Developing essential techniques in 60GHz technology to contribute to NG60 SIG and IEEE802.11ay standards

Deployment & Application (Pre-prototyping)

Contributing to Pre-Prototyping Development through Technical Capabilities built up from Standardization

Next-Gen Cellular(Private 5G Network)

  • Researching key product features and evaluating deployment performance in support of system business roll-out

Next-Gen 60GHz AP System (Pre-Prototyping)

  • Developing PoC and test-bedding solutions through pre-prototyping using WiGig/60GHz technologies