At PRDCSG we think about technology in a distinctive way, which is to always put our customer needs at the center of everything we do.

With over 25 years of innovation and expertise behind us, we continue to research and develop cutting-edge technologies to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Capitalizing on our core tech, we are at the forefront of partnering with the Singapore government agencies for a diversity of R&D test-bedding initiatives.

To date, we have attained a wealth of experience and achievements through the process of deploying our innovative technologies into real products from exploring new technologies to achieving outstanding performance through prototype development, system design and optimization.

In our efforts to develop advanced technologies and participate in standardization activities across the R&D landscape, we come to contributing to product differentiation with our core technologies in audio, video, image processing, computer vision, and networking, and embedding our own technologies in international standards to manage strategic risks and create competitive advantage in business.

Given our capability in the networking technology and predictive analytics, we are positioning ourselves as an Engineering and R&D provider of the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions across the manufacturing, energy and Smart City sectors.

Leveraging the technologies we have built up over the years, we are well-positioned to develop practical and innovative B2B cloud-based solutions for managing large-scale air-conditioning systems.

Furthermore, we strive to contribute to regional companies through our IP consultancy services in collaboration with the Panasonic IP Center (IPC) to build a thriving IP hub in the ASEAN region.

Located in Singapore, our view is global. Together with our customers and partners, it is our dream to drive the world to advance even more so, today and tomorrow.

Dr. Seigo Nakao

Managing Director