Business Evaluation

Originated in Japan in 2014, Business Evaluation is now being introduced into Singapore.

As a No. 1 evaluator in Japan, we are proud to announce this Business Evaluation service as one of the pillars of our IP services in Singapore.

Given our proven expertise and experience, our Business Evaluation service is a vital solution for our clients and/or business prospects such as SMEs and VCs to gain competitive edge over others in the global knowledge-based economy today.

  • Benefits of our Business Evaluation service to SMEs

    • Increasing access to financing

    • Effective technology transfer

    • Effective business matching

  • Benefits of our Business Evaluation service to VCs

    • Better investment decisions

  • Additional benefit of our Business Evaluation service that SMEs and VCs are entitled to:

    • Access to the pool of selective SMEs in Japan as well as their competitive technologies