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IP Week @ SG 2013
Posted on 10 Sep 2013

Global IP Frontiers team of PRDCSG was delighted to participate in the IP Week @ SG 2013, a week-long series of intellectual property (IP) events which is in line with Singapore’s aspirations to establish itself as an IP hub of Asia. The event drew 650 Industry leaders, chief IP judges and top names in IP from across 35 countries to Singapore to discuss and share insights into the latest trends and developments in IP, a key business asset in today’s globalised world.

Visual Object Classes (VOC) Challenge 2012 Championship
Posted on 18 June 2013

In the prestigious PASCAL VOC competition, Image Solution Group (IS Group) of PRDCSG won their 3rd successive championship for the classification task (VOC2010/VOC2011/VOC2012 with the best performance improved step-by-step as 0.73, 0.78, 0.82) and segmentation task (VOC2012). This was accomplished in close collaboration with NUS Learning & Vision group members.

Panasonic Total Energy Solutions Test-Bed in Punggol
Posted on 18 June 2013

Panasonic Energy Solutions Development Center Singapore (PESDCSG), in collaboration with Housing Development Board (HDB), Energy Market Authority (EMA) and Economic Development Board (EDB), is developing a total energy solutions pilot project for public housing--a first in Asia. As part of the test-bed project, PESDCSG has successfully co-developed and deployed Home Energy Management System (HEMS) and air conditioner with demand response function in selected residential households. This system helps residents to monitor and better manage their household energy consumption via smart phones. In addition, this system allows residents to control their air conditioner both inside and outside their homes.

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